2019 EDSA ELT Conference – Siliwangi University

Handing over certificate

“English teachers are not just teaching English, but we have the capability to help transform our learners beyond language skills.”

On May 1st, 2019, Mr Nanak spoke at the EDSA ELT Conference with the theme of “Developing creativity of ELT in the Digital Era.”

EDSA stands for English Department Student Association, an official student club at the Faculty of Teacher Training and Educational Sciences, Siliwangi University, Tasikmalaya, Indonesia.

On this occasion, Mr Nanak talked about the importance of English teachers to create their classrooms as a platform for social transformation rather than as cultural reproduction, one of which is through understanding students beyond their cognitive level, but to include their socio-cultural backgrounds.

It was a fun and meaningful sharing session with the pre-service English teachers of Siliwangi University.

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