Nanak Hikmatullah, MSc.

“When I started teaching at Siliwangi University in Tasikmalaya, Indonesia, I came up with a new approach called #HumanisingEducation that resulted in both better student engagement and improved learning outcomes. It is an umbrella term covering the whole process of teaching, from lesson planning, in-class teacher performance, to after-class engagement. Its main point is to return the basic idea of education as an interpersonal human engagement by treating students and teachers as conscious human beings who grow, change, adapt and develop in a process that is life-long. Teaching humans means that we have to treat learners like a decent human. That’s what humanising education is all about. It has become my teaching philosophy and practice.”

Eva Santiana, S.S., M.Pd.

“Humanising educaton means academic institutions can become a place of care, support, and meaningful pursuit of academic and professional goals”.

Ratu Sarah Pujasari, S.Pd., M.Pd.

“My humanising teaching is by empowering teachers to teach with technology”