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ChatGPT in Higher Ed: The Ultimate Disruption?

On Saturday, March 25, 2023, a webinar about ChatGPT in higher education was conducted in partnership with Faculty of Teacher Training and Educational Sciences Siliwangi University. The webinar was attended by hundreds of educators from Indonesia and other countries. The…

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EDUC 527

EDUC 527 – Into. to Educational Uses of Computers is a course at UMass Amherst taught by Dr Torrey Trust with the goal to equip students with knowledge and skills of various computational uses in education.

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School Uniform: Local shari’a or human rights?

By: Nanak Hikmatullah The saga of the school dress code continues. Several petitions have emerged on online platforms, such as change.org, including one petition that has gathered over 16,000 signatures (and growing). It calls for the government to address the…

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Teacher: A Human

By: Aldi Rizal Isnaeni “…. my least favourite thing about being a teacher is that sometimes people (school boards, fellow teachers, students) forget that we are human.” Throughout my experience as a private school teacher, my least favourite thing about…

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