Humanising Online Course Design

Emotionally Responsive

While the previous frameworks are helpful in guiding us to be good hosts, it is very crucial for us to know who our guests are by diving deep into their personalities and social background. We need to ensure that they are physically and emotionally taken care of. Please remember that this is not a “real” house but a virtual one. This is where humanising approach comes into play.

Emotionally responsive principles

Technology is mechanistic. It doesn’t have feelings and emotions unless we facilitate it and make it “cultured”. A boring user interface (a boring house) won’t be appealing to our learners, and neither will a static communication and discriminative house. Try your best to design your online course more appealing. Put some digital media, use expressive language as if you are talking with your students, and be present and empathetic. Though online, our students are all human beings with their myriad feelings and complicated emotional states.

Watch a short video below that summarises the framework!

Next, I will present a short video describing my online course design that follows this framework. Click the image below to see the example of the design.

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