Humanising Online Course Design

Connecting and Engaging

Welcoming and providing our guests with healthy food is not enough to reflect a good host and a pleasant visit. We make sure that they communicate and engage with the host and other family members in the house. In online courses, we have to make sure that we foster connection and engagement throughout the stay, yet at the same time, allow the students to have their own time. Meaningful communication should be facilitated. It won’t be automatically there.

Connecting and guiding principles

I can’t emphasise this enough, but communication is not enough. It should be a meaningful communication that everyone can enjoy. The key to this is to provide various discussion forums. It doesn’t always have to be a big topic. We also need a light topic to talk about. That is a very human thing, isn’t it? 

That’s it all? Oh no! There’s one more element that we have to incorporate into our online course; that is emotion principles. This element is crucial to make your online courses “speak” to your learners. Learn about this principle by clicking the image below.

Emotionally responsive button

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