Humanising Online Course Design

Stimulating and Enriching

A good host should provide the guest with healthy dishes as part of the hospitality, especially if they stay for a bit long. In online courses, we have to make sure that our students are “nourished” throughout their learning. A systematic “5-course-style meal” is highly recommended, mixed with a variety of what they consume.

Stimulating and Enriching principles

I encourage you to provide a well-structured module design that follows the 5-course meal plan (light-heavy-light). It starts with something light and ends with something light as well. Try your best to provide variety in what your offer, which means different kinds of activities every week. It is normal for us to be bored eating the same food over and over, right? Thus, variety is the key.

Next is the last element, connecting and engaging. Click the image below to learn this element.

Connecting and engaging button

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