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What We Do

#HumanisingEducation is a classroom reform and a teaching movement initiated in 2018 by three lecturers from the Edgar Brood Academic Chair (EBAC), Brussels, Belgium and Siliwangi University, Tasikmalaya, Indonesia.

The goal is to promote a more humanising pedagogy by improving the teacher-student relationship that is anchored by trust, warmth, flexibility, and generosity. We believe that the heart of teaching is to treat everyone as a human being who constantly grows, changes, and adapts.

The second goal is to empower teachers in Indonesia to believe in their teaching and to acknowledge their classroom practices as legitimate knowledge. Teachers are at the forefront of education and every single activity they do in the classroom greatly impacts the classroom culture and learning outcomes.

HumanisingEducation is thus a grassroots movement to improve education from within. It is a participatory action from teacher, by teacher, and for teacher.

Currently we are working on:

  • #HumanisingClassroom (the Circle Pedagogy): improving teacher-student relationships
  • #HumanisingTechnology (Online Learning): fostering a socially and emotionally-responsive online learning

“Improving education does not have to start big. It can start right there in the classroom.”

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